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If you’re currently struggling with anxiety, OCD, insomnia or emotional eating then you have come to the right place. Check out the four main hypnosis services I provide to help you overcome these challenges.

“After seeing Alex and having the four online hypnotherapy sessions I would highly recommend this form of therapy. It has completely settled my anxiety and overthinking leading to a much calmer mindset, where previously CBT had not worked for me.

Alex is a very warm, empathetic and friendly person and extremely easy to speak to.

The way the hypnosis is done is very clever, and not as you may think laying down in an unconscious state. It has a very powerful effect on the mind, and the way it is done, has enabled me to continue the technique myself.
Thank you so much Alex”

Hypnosis for Anxiety

1.Are you tired of living with constant anxiety, always feeling on edge & scanning for threats? Or do you suffer from a phobia or an anxious habit that limits your life?

2. Is your mind consumed with intrusive negative thoughts, fears, ruminating over the past, or worrying about the future?

3. Are you experiencing physical problems such as IBS, sleeping issues, tight throat, tight chest or racing heart?

If you can relate to any of the above – it’s time to shift gears & feel calmer again, living more in the present with my program of relaxing hypnosis sessions tailored to suit your specific needs.
Here’s what you can expect from my Anxiety Relief Sessions:
Take the first step towards a life free from anxiety, fears & worries by booking a consultation with me.

Hypnosis for Emotional Eating & Weight Loss

1.Are you tired of having an unhealthy relationship with food and constantly make the wrong choices?
2. Do you find yourself using food as a way to cope with your emotions such as stress, sadness and boredom?
3. Are you constantly overeating or snacking, even when you’re already full!?
If this sounds familiar, it’s time to mend your relationship with food & regain control over your eating habits, with my program of  relaxing hypnosis sessions tailored to suit your healthy eating goals.
Here’s what you can expect from my Healthy Eating Hypnosis Sessions:

Bonuses: As a special gift, you’ll receive customized hypnosis recordings to reinforce healthy eating habits and replace unhealthy ones.

Take the first step toward forming a healthier relationship with food and losing weight by booking a consultation with me.

” I’ve decided to try hypnotherapy after not being able to fix my issue of binge eating, stress eating and emotional eating via CBT and other support offered by the NHS.

Even though I’ve been skeptical at the start, I really am elated with the results. The changes in my behaviour were almost instantaneous and so far haven’t repeated even once after we’ve addressed all the different, unhealthy ways my mind has been coping with a wide range of emotions, from stress to anxiety.

Hypnosis for Sleep

1.Do you struggle to fall asleep at night due to active thoughts or worries keeping you awake?
 2. Do you fall asleep fine but then wake up multiple times at night & find it hard to go back to sleep?
3. Do you find it hard to function the next day due to severe exhaustion and low mood? Are your relationships or work suffering as a result?
If so I have just the solution for you. Join me for my relaxing hypnosis sessions designed to move you from counting sheep to blissful sleep.

Here’s what you can expect from the sessions:

Bonuses: Enjoy receiving the soothing benefits of relaxing hypnosis recordings to listen to at home designed to alleviate anxiety, calm your mind & most importantly lead you to sleep.

You deserve to experience uninterrupted, luxurious sleep. Let’s work together to turn this into a reality. Schedule your consultation today & begin the journey towards better sleep.

“I have suffered with insomnia since my teenage years and decided to give hypnotherapy a go to try and help. I had high expectations going into the sessions and Alex managed to surpass them! I get a more restful night in general, fall back asleep a lot quicker when I do wake, and the stress surrounding sleep has all but dissolved. Life feels more comfortable and spacious. I would highly recommend.”
“I am so glad to have found Alex. To say I was sceptical that Hypnotherapy could work is an understatement, especially in a case of spiralling OCD. I have very gladly been proved wrong. Thanks to Alex’s calm manner and skills I have managed to get the anxiety under control. I could tell from the start that Alex knew the hold OCD can have – the knowledge that I was in safe, understanding hands helped enormously. Her approach is realistic and assured with a mix of talking therapy, visual analogies and hypnosis that somehow unlocks the brain! Thank you Alex.”

Hypnosis for OCD Relief

1.Are fed up with being consumed with constant intrusive OCD thoughts?
2. Is your day being robbed by the disruption caused by performing multiple OCD rituals or compulsions?
3. Are you filled with feelings of constant doubt and feel like you are going mad?
4.Are you sick of feeling anxious all the time &  being a slave to OCD?
If you can relate to the above then it’s 100% time time to break free from the tight grip of OCD and find inner peace, with my hypnosis sessions designed for OCD relief.
During my hypnosis sessions you can expect the following:

Bonuses: As a special gift, you’ll receive relaxing hypnosis recordings after each  session designed to alleviate anxiety, reduce intrusive OCD thoughts and improve sleep.

Take the first step towards reclaiming your life from OCD by booking a consultation with me today.

Other Hypnosis Services

Whilst I specialise in anxiety related issues such as generalised anxiety, OCD, insomnia & emotional eating, I also have extensive experience helping clients with other common anxiety-related issues like using alcohol or drugs as a coping mechanism, social anxiety, relationship anxiety, health anxiety, separation anxiety phobias, low self esteem and unwanted habits driven by anxiety. Therefore, if you require my hypnosis services for a different issue, kindly reach out to me through either my Contact Form or Chat Box and I will respond to your query within 24 hours.

To date I have helped many clients with my hypnotherapy service in London, and more recently providing hypnotherapy in Poole, Bournemouth, the United States, Dubai and as far afield as New Zealand. Regardless of where you reside, I am fully equipped to assist you in the same manner so do get in touch and we can take it from there.

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