Alex Saxton

How to Stop Anxiety Turning into Panic or Sickness

Anxiety is an emotion that we all experience on a daily basis. It’s just like any other emotion like sadness, anger or happiness. However it can often be misinterpreted as the enemy, and people panic at the first signs of it. Whether it be butterflies in their stomach, or feeling light headed or raised heart rate, people are frightened of these feelings and it is the the fear of these feelings which is what can cause the initial anxiety to turn into panic or other manifestations! Whilst the circumstances or situations that caused us to feel anxious might eventually pass, if we have now come to regard any first signs of  anxiety as an indicator of panic attacks or sickness in the stomach to come next, this will potentially lock us into our high anxiety response and cause these things we dread to occur as a result. But it doesn’t need to be this way…. Discover effective and simple techniques on How to Stop Anxiety. Empower yourself with practical tips that bring peace and confidence.

If you suffer from anxiety and want to know how to stop feeling sick from anxiety,  how to stop feeling light headed from anxiety, or how to stop anxiety nausea, then you have come the right place. During this article I will provide you with some tips to stop anxiety turning into something much bigger than it needs to be and prevent those unnecessary symptoms from occurring.

Tip 1 Anxiety is not the Enemy

News flash! Anxiety is not the villain it is often made out to be. Many of my clients who complain of having high anxiety see it as an intruder lurking in the shadows, waiting to pop out at any point and ruin their day. But I’m here to tell you that anxiety is actually your friend, whose purpose is to draw your focus to important things coming up, e.g. a presentation or alerting you to a perceived threat. Surprised huh? So if you suffer high anxiety which manifests itself as panic attacks, light headedness, IBS, nausea, and you want to know how to stop anxiety sickness, then I recommend you first stop seeing anxiety as the enemy.

Tip 2: Reframe Anxiety

Next I want you to reframe anxiety as a good supportive emotion, drawing your attention to things that need your attention. E.g. let’s say you were about to perform in a play, and this play was important to you, then anxiety would kick in, gearing you up to perform your best, which for some could manifest as butterflies in the stomach or light headedness.  Those butterflies or low levels of anxiety you are feeling before the play are showing you, that you care about what is coming up, and your anxiety is giving you an extra boost of adrenaline so you can perform your best. The best actresses or performers are the ones that feel the anxiety before they perform on stage as do lawyers about to give their closing speech, despite having done it for years. Once you accept anxiety as a supportive emotion it will take the fear away out of it which will greatly calm you down whenever you feel the first signs of anxiety.

Tip 3: Feel the Anxiety and Don’t Run Away from It

When you start to feel the initial signs of anxiety before something important is about to happen, sit with it and allow it to co exist in your body. Remember it’s nothing to be afraid of. The worse thing you can do is tart panicking and worrying about the butterflies, just smile, breathe and let them pass through. Once you stop running away from anxiety or it will stop panicking when you feel it the quicker it will pass. Think of the initial signs of anxiety as being on a rollarcoaster ride. Sit back and go with the flow of the feelings of the ride. Once you accept the low levels of anxiety as a part of life, I promise you the rolloacaster ride will be finished much sooner than if you get scared of the anxiety. My favourite technique to help me stop anxiety manifesting into sickness in the stomach, lightheadedness or panic, is to smile with my palms open and just feel the initial signs of anxiety at the same time and breath. Doing those steps together will help calm your nervous system down and prevent you reacting with fear to the supportive first signs of anxiety. Give it a go!

Last words….

At the end of the day anxiety is our friend, if we got rid of this emotion then we wouldn’t be whole. As soon as we stop fearing the feeling of low level anxiety arising, as soon as we stop amplifying it and can get used to the low levels of functional anxiety that enhance rather than destroy our lives the calmer we will be.

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Disclaimer: The information provided in this blog is for educational and informational purposes only and the tips shared here are general and may not be suitable for everyone.  I am not a medical doctor and the tips provided should not be considered a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. It is essential to differentiate between anxiety symptoms and potential underlying medical conditions. Sometimes, anxiety symptoms may be the first indicators of an underlying health issue. Therefore, if you are experiencing anxiety or any other health concerns, it is recommended to consult with a qualified healthcare professional or a licensed medical doctor for proper evaluation and guidance first.